Solar Flares occur all of the time.  Most are not directed at the earth so they just go off into space.  But sometimes one is directed at the earth.  Once emitted it can take 4 to 17 hours for the charged particles to reach the earth.  The charged particles can couple into electrical systems and damage components.  A large solar flare hit the United States and Europe Sept 1 and 2 in 1859.  Telegraph lines shorted out and fires were set and the northern lights were visible as far south as Rome.  To read more about this you can visit the NASA website.

In more recent times a solar flare hit Canada in March of 1989.  It took out their electrical grid for some time.  You can read more:

Most solar flares are weak but every once in a while a strong one comes our way.  There are a few things you can do to be prepared for these events.  You must have systems that are either immune to the charged particles or have backup parts stored in protective containers so you can repair damaged systems.  If the electrical grid goes down for any extended period of time you must have access to food and water.  And if you live where it gets real cold you need a way to stay warm.

One of the real dangers is fires caused by arcs in wiring.  This can occur in your home.  There are some things you can do to protect your house.  I have watched many videos on this subject and I have found a few that are a great source of information.



There is a pressing need to provide a service disconnect for electrical power to your house.  We are in the process of designing that device.  Checj back with us or leave us your email so we can place you on our newsletter list.  (very infrequent newsletter)

As I come across more information I will post it here.


Several years ago I came to realize that many people who think they are prepared for the grid going down or an EMP pulse only really have a temporary water solution.  I saw a need for an inexpensive well pump that operated on a power source immune from the effects of a solar flare or EMP pulse.  I knew that air pressure could be stored easily and made easily by rotary wind vanes or a solar panel and an electric compressor.  This site and products are the water solution I came up with.  It may not be perfect but it will keep you alive.  All of the parts are made of materials which do not make the water unsafe to drink.  Stainless steel, PVC,  and brass make up the main parts.

Everyone should have an emergency water backup plan.  A few gallons of water set aside is great but when it runs out you and everyone else will be searching for clean water.  Open water systems will quickly become contaminated.

In my study of people who prepare for disaster I came across what is known as preppers.  People who try and set aside food or equipment which in a disaster will help them or their neighbors.  We all rely on our technology and if it were to go away  we would lose our ability to survive.  Either exposure, lack of water or food will cause us to wander about with millions of others seeking the necessities of life.

In order to be totally prepared we need to have a plan which supplies shelter, food, and water.  In a major disaster we need to be completely self sufficient with a continuous supply of energy, food, and water.  This is not easy to do.  To attempt to do this on your own will probably not work.  A group of people with the required skills and material will be needed for long term survival.  This site is dedicated to one part of a survival plan.  I will talk about my plans and my systems but I make no guarantee that what I do will work in all environments.  It is best that each of you form your own plans and test all of the systems.  An emergency is not the time to dust off a pile of stuff in the garage to see if it will help you survive.

Please send me any suggestions on survival systems and I will post the ones I think make sense.

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We at water72 are dedicated to supplying all of the key components so you can safely obtain water in an off grid environment.  The vertical wind vane and solar panel chargers are part of those solutions.  Low tech battery charging controllers are also part of the system we will offer. The systems are made to use renewable sources.  So you could call then green energy systems.  Right now we are projecting that our vertical wind vane will output two horsepower in a stiff wind.  Here in the White Mountains of Arizona a stiff wind is easy to come across.


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